homme depot is a vintage marketplace and experimental style collective 

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Meet Levi Sawyer, Founder & Creative Director

Hey Hommies,

Style isn't about labels, status or how much money you have. Hi, I'm Levi. I'm a fashion stylist, model scout and creative director. Since I was a gangly weirdo kid in conservative Washington State, blowing my allowance on church sale treasures and thrift shop esoterica, vintage clothing has been my jam. After nearly two decades of amassing unique inventory in LA, NY, Hawaii, London, Paris and anywhere else I've happened to land, it's time to share my curated collection with you.

I want homme depot to be a gathering place for those of us who aren't afraid to experiment and play with the way we dress. For the masc, for the femme, for the someplace in between. Emerging photographers, stylists, ordinary and extra-ordinary humans... I find a muse in everyone. After years of working with a wide eccentric range of models, photographers and other creatives I am excited for homme depot to serve as a  platform for newly discovered talent, or as I like to say, hommies. 

Repeat after me: ohm-DEH-poh. Congratulations, your fashion cred just went up five points. 

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